Fantasy Expansion Pack

  Collection of High-Quality orchestral and world instruments for yamaha PSR-SX900, PSR-SX700, PSR-S (975, 970, 775 and 770), Tyros (4 and 5) and Genos. Includes amazing realistic orchestral brass, choirs (even the Mega Voice Phrase Builder!) and many traditional instruments from Ireland, Japan, Native America and more. This pack also has styles for cinematic music with different major and minor patterns and various intros and endings. 

3 Grands Expansion Pack

  3 amazing grand pianos now avaliable for PSR-SX/ PSR-S / Tyros 5 / Genos. This pack includes Bosendorfer Imperial, Kawai EX and amazing old Steinway & Sons piano. Each grand has full sampled keyboard with 4 different velocities. Each sample reproduce full length of any note without any looping. Now You have perfect piano for every musical genre. Pack works with PSR-SX900 / PSR-SX700, PSR-S775 / PSR-S970 / PSR-S975 / Tyros 5 and Genos.

NOTE! PSR-S770 can only support Bosendorfer, because its lower than 170 mb. Click here for a PSR-S770 pack! 

Peruvian Expansion Pack


Music from the Andes is now avaliable for your instrument.  Amazing Ukulele and Charango with frets and slides. Different types of traditional wind instruments (Ocarina, Bass Zampona, Quena, Andean Pipe, Double Ocarina) with ornaments and sepcial FX. The famous cajon and various percussion ready to spice your music. Avaliable for PSR-SX900/ PSR-SX700 / PSR-S770 / PSR-S775 / PSR-S970 / PSR-S975 / TYROS 5 / GENOS.