"Phantasm" is my own library for kontakt NI(version 5 and higher). It has more than 50 high-quality acoustic instruments for classic, orchestra, epic, fantasy, celtic, world and jazz music.



     Make sure you have Kontakt NI version 5.4.2 or higher and 9.8 GB free space on your hard disk. After buying you will get the archive, where you can find the instructions and special download links for Phantasm library.     


"Phantasm" library for Kontakt NI

Multisampled and dynamic

         All the instruments are incredibly dynamic. Not only the volume, but the timbre is also depends on the velocity(like on a real instrument). For more realism, each instrument was sampled almost for an each note. The total number of samples is over 8000!




         Most of the instruments have a differnt variations of playing. Sustain, legato, staccato, crescendo, diminuendo, falls, slides, harmonics, ornaments, trills, rolls and etc.



New type of sound

          All the waveforms were obtained by combining the features of the famous synthesizers and workstations. Realistic sound with a very specific beautiful timbre. And it has no room noise, sound is incredibly clear! Feel free to experiment with a reverberation.



Mono and Stereo

         You can control the level of the stereo signal. It can be mono or stereo or something between: choose you own parameters for the each instrument. Mixing is much more various.



Drum Kits

          Two drum kits included in this pack. Its a classic drum kit and orchestral kit(also contains variety of different percussion instruments). All drums are very dynamic and sounds perfectly well together.




         There are 9 different types of reverberation for each instrument and 2 additional slots: one for the compression(4 types) and one for optional effect(chorus, delay, phaser or flanger). You can correct level for each effect or turn it off(if you dont need it). Also, 3-band EQ is avaliable.